About us

We're a fashion-tech startup that believes we can improve lives through Circularity
Candour is a Tilburg-based, Dutch fashion-tech startup that was founded in early 2020 by Haiko Huvenaars & Lex Raijmakers.
During the first year of our existence, we started out as a small brand with the idea to use technology and circular products to create physical clothing items that people would feel more emotionally attached to. We came up with a concept for Augmented Reality t-shirts with a print that people could scan with their smartphone, for which we partnered up with Schijvens Corporate Fashion, one of the frontrunners in the Netherlands when it comes to circular workwear.
Besides creating a product, we also participated in Circular Design Sprints and got the opportunity to give guest lectures at Avans Hogeschool and Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Most importantly, in our conversations with other brand owners, designers, and industry players, we learned that there are challenges the Fashion Industry faces that are far greater than creating a circular product alone.
During our journey, we got inspired by product digitalisation, blockchain technology, and the idea of building a decentralised network that would empower the circular economy. With Circulaid, we're taking the first steps in that exciting direction.
Big thanks to Oxious and Global Sustainable Enterprise System for their contribution during the development of our platform. We're proud to have you as our launching partners.
Haiko & Lex
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