Circulaid v1 comes with three features: product origin, sustainability and manage.
Circulaid offers three main features.
The "product origin" feature allows users to discover the origin of their product. The "sustainability" feature offers users an overview of the impact of their product. Lastly, the "manage" feature helps to get in touch with the brand, provide product feedback, and to find a responsible solution when he/she wishes to dispose of their product.
Product Origin
The product origin feature is the main feature of the web app. It takes the customer through the circular textiles value chain on a step-by-step basis. These steps include:
  • Materials: which fibers, yarns & fabrics were used in the product?
  • Manufacturing: where was it made, under which circumstances?
  • Transportation: which journey did it take before it ended up at the customer?
  • Use: how can it be used, how can it be taken care of?
  • End of use: how can the customer dispose of the product in a responsible manner (e.g. through resale, refurbishment, or recycling)?
The content shown in the product origin feature is customized through a smart Content Management System (CMS). Here, we manage the content shown in a product passport on a product level.
Sustainability (in development)
The sustainability feature allows customers to dive deeper into the impact behind their products. For this feature, we've partnered up with the Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard (GSES). This way we're able to ensure that all data on environmental impact that we communicate is audited by their partner network and trustworthy for the end customer.
Brands can choose to have their products audited through the GSES System, whereafter they will receive a product scorecard that contains all the sustainability information related to their product. These product scorecards are then integrated within Circulaid, so they can be easily accessed by conssumers.
The manage feature allows customers to provide product-level feedback and reach out directly to brands to ask for support when products reach the end of their lifecycles. This works two ways, not only can consumers reach out to brands, brands can also reach out to their consumers to organise collection rounds for old products, for example.
Feedback submitted through the "Manage" function is saved in the Circulaid database and exported to brands upon request (where we're looking to implement monthly reports in the future).
Future features
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