How it works

An overview
The Circulaid platform is built upon the principle of product digitalisation. Physical products are equipped with a product identifier (QR labels) through which they are connected to the Circulaid platform. These labels and their QR codes can either be universal or unique.
Circulaid v1 is using universal labels, but future versions of our platform will support unique product labels as they'll unlock exciting features as the app matures.
To connect a physical product label to the Circulaid platform, we generate a digital product passport. Upon creation, the passport is enriched with product data containing:
  • A product profile (including name, ID, etc.)
  • Product-specific content (information on materials, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Sustainability data on the product's environmental impact (powered by GSES System).
Design & Manufacturing of QR labels
After the product passport has been created & filled with the required data, we generate a QR code that allows us to connect it to the Circulaid platform. The generated QR is then incorporated in the label design (as in the example label shown below):
Once designed, the labels are ready for sourcing & manufacturing. Here, we determine what is most convenient depending on the brand's situation.
If a brand is able to have its labels manufactured locally, for example, we can avoid unnecessary transportation and import costs. If not, we're able to source them from our own supplier instead. Upon delivery of the physical labels, labels can be attached within the regular manufacturing process of the product.
Once finished, a brand can choose to add a Circulaid explanation flyer to its product packaging. This helps new users to get started using the label & the app. Once packaged, the product is ready to be shipped out and used by consumers.
Upon receiving the product and scanning the QR label with a smartphone, users get redirected directly to the Circulaid web app. Here, users can add their product to their digital wardrobe, whereafter features in the app are unlocked.