What is Circulaid?

Circulaid is Candour's customer engagement tool for sustainable fashion brands
Circulaid is a connected products platform for the circular economy that helps sustainable fashion brands to educate their customers, to communicate their circular practices and to supports circulation of their physical products. It was developed out of a need for brands to find new ways to engage with their customers when it comes to circular practices.
Compared to traditional marketing & communication channels, Circulaid offers an innovative direct, product-level communications channel between brands and their customers that exists beyond the point of purchase.
By launching products on Circulaid, brands maintain visibility over which products they have sold to their customer base. This way, brands can actively take responsibility for their product's lifecycles by reaching out to individual customers for product specific feedback and/or to stimulate circular initiatives relating to resale, repair or recycling.
In its current state, it is best used as a customer engagement tool through which brands can further strengthen their ongoing relationships with their customers. In its future state, it will be developed further into a platform that brands can use to fully manage their product's circular lifecycle.